Lean / Agile Product Discovery using the Product Discovery Canvas


Building successful products that customers really want and love is very hard. In fact, most product efforts fail!

Has the ‘build and launch’ approach to product delivery cost your organization too much in time, money and lost opportunity? Do you want to find out if a product idea is actually what a customer will purchase, use and love? Do you now want to build ‘that’ product inexpensively and as quickly as possible?

If your answers are “Yes”, “Yes” and “Yes” then this two-day workshop is for you.


In this workshop, presented in Active Learning format, attendees engage in presentations, discussions and activities for an in-workshop project and then apply that insight to their own product idea.

We begin the workshop using the Product Discovery Canvas (PDC) to quickly introduce various product discovery concepts using a recent known product failure. We then re-discover the product, using the PDC, to exhibit early feedback loops of product failure.

Attendees are asked to come with a product idea to investigate. This workshop includes hands-on exercises that include:

  • Learning how to create a Collaborative Product Chartering to align your team around shared product understandings.
  • Learning how to create a User Story Map, to serve as a visual representation of user interaction with the product.
  • Understanding the value of Pretotypes and learning how to build an appropriate pretotype that validates your product ideas in hours or days instead of weeks or months, and spending pennies instead of many thousands of dollars.
  • Learning how to apply Validated Learning using the Lean Startup feedback loop: Build–Measure–Learn, while building a MVP.

We conclude the workshop with a Q&A to evaluate how attendees will take away and apply this newly gained knowledge.


The workshop will be of interest to anyone in need of product discovery and validation, including these roles: Product Managers, Product Owners, Marketing, PMO, Architects, Analyst, Testers and Developers.

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